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Create a summary of the functional capacity assessment

You can pick key strengths of the pupil’s functional capacity, support needs or respondents’ conflicting views from different views for the summary. The summary can be used as a basis for a guidance discussion, and it can also be supplemented with observations that emerge in the discussion.

  1. Select focal issues relating to the pupil's functional capacity for the summary from the sections "Strenghts and challenges", "Functioning 0–4", "Functioning Y/N" and "Different views".

  2. Add a question of your choosing to the summary by moving the cursor on top of it and clicking. 

  3. Choose the category where you want to add the question ("Strengths", "Need for support" or "Different views"), and click "Add to a category". The service notifies you, if you have already added the selected question to the summary.

You can pick significant information on the pupil’s functional capacity from other views, including strengths, support needs and conflicting views, for the summary. You can still edit the summary by adding or deleting sentences from the different views. The sentences can be deleted by moving a cursor on them and clicking.

Free text field
Free text fields are provided in the Strengths, Support needs and Conflicts views: you can generate a summary of the section in question or highlight the issues that you wish to emphasis specially. This will make it easier to go through the summary in the discussion.

Overview of strengths
Overview of strengths is a good way to examine the pupil’s strengths in a guidance discussion. can be used in a guidance discussion about the pupil’s strengths. Based on a shared view, the system automatically selects the five strongest areas of the pupil’s functional capacity. 

Any text and comments you add to empty fields in the summary will not be saved. You can only view them in the downloaded PDF file or Excel document.

Make a note of the persons who participated in the discussion as well as its time and place.

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