Welcome to service! is a service developed by Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting for describing a pupil’s functional capacity. Its goal is to come up with a shared view of a pupil’s functional capacity from the perspective of the pupil, the guardian and the professionals involved in the pupil’s everyday life. The information obtained in the functional capacity assessment can be used to organise learning and support related to it, to provide guidance counselling and, for example, to support the preparation of pedagogical documents. Once the information provided by the functional capacity assessment has been collected, setting goals and planning study paths will be easier.

A functional capacity assessment is suitable for any pupil in pre-primary and basic education, particularly at the transition points of the study path. If necessary, assessments can also be conducted at other times. By comparing an earlier assessment to a later one, changes in a pupil’s functional capacity can be made visible. The functional capacity information can also be transferred to a secondary level institution to ensure that sufficient support will be provided for a student from the start of their studies. 

The service was updated on 7 June 2021. Previously created assessments can be found through the following link:

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